When will Hylofit be delivered? +

Hylofit will be delivered to pre-order customers in November 2018.

What are the benefits of the Hylofit Membership plan and how do I sign up? +

Membership gives you access to all the features within the Hylofit app and on the web.

Some highlights:

  • Monitor impact of training on you and your horse in real-time

  • Track your horse’s wellbeing through resting heart rate measurements

  • Use unique video overlay feature with heart rate for training feedback

  • Create multiple horse profiles

  • Share horses and training insights with other users

  • View active rides in real time on the web

After creating an account in the Hylofit app you will be prompted to select a Membership plan. Available membership plans are $9.99/month or $100/year. Both plans come with a 30-day free trial.

What is included in the Hylofit package? +

Hylofit Hardware:

  • Girth attachment - attaches to the girth and detects the electrical signal of every heartbeat

  • Horse transmitter - measures the horse’s heart rate in real time and sends the information continuously and wirelessly to the smartphone

  • Rider transmitter - measures the rider’s heart rate in real time and sends the information continuously and wirelessly to the smartphone

  • Rider chest strap - worn by the rider and detects the electrical signal of every heartbeat. It has two snaps for the rider transmitter.

Hylofit software:

  • An app for iOS and Android phones.

  • Auxiliary app for real time display on the Apple watch.

What data does Hylofit measure? +

  • Heart rate of the horse

  • Heart rate of the rider

  • Speed of the ride

  • Distance of the ride

  • Duration of the ride

  • Outside temperature and humidity during the ride

  • Location of the ride

How does Hylofit connect to my phone? +

Hylofit connects to the phone wirelessly via Bluetooth (BLE 4.2+).

Do I need to ride with my phone? +

Yes. Hylofit requires you to ride with your phone for a few reasons:

The horse and rider transmitters are paired to the phone for heart rate transmission. Hylofit uses the GPS of the phone GPS to measure location, speed and distance.

Is there an ability to see data in real-time during a ride? +

Yes. Active rides can be seen on the smart phone, Apple watch and through a web browser.

Does Hylofit work when I am offline (not on a cellular network nor connected to Wi-Fi)? +

Yes, the Hylofit system will capture all ride data without a cellular network or Wi-Fi connection but there will be no ability to see the active ride. The ride summary will not be available, either on the app or through the cloud, until your phone connects to a network.

Are the Hylofit components water resistant? +

Yes. The Hylofit girth attachment is waterproof and the transmitters are IPX7 water resistant.

How long do the transmitter batteries last? +

Each transmitter has a disposable battery that will last 6 months to one year, depending upon frequency of use.

Are there integrations with fitness apps or services? +

Yes, Hylofit supports data exchange with Apple HealthKit and own API.

What is the Hylofit guarantee? +

There is a 30-day full-refund return policy from the date you receive your Hylofit.

Is Hylofit supported on iOS and Android? +

Yes, Hylofit is supported iOS 8+ and Android 5.0+

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