Build a stronger connection with your horse.
Discover your breakthrough moments. 


the hylofit


Do you ever wonder if you are pushing your horse too hard? Would you like to know if he is stressed or in pain? Are you looking for a way to improve communication with your horse?

Hylofit is a wearable device for horse and rider that tracks performance and provides insights to improve training results and promote the overall health and wellbeing of your horse.


one goal
two heart rates

Are you truly in sync with your horse?

Good communication leads to strong partnership. Heart rate is an important indicator for measuring and understanding the emotional and physical state of your horse. 



With Hylofit I can track how I train leading up to a competition and know when to rest or train harder. The workout variability ensures my horse is building endurance as well as strength.
— KATJA GEVERS - Grand Prix Dressage Rider & Member of the Dutch Olympic Team
The Hylofit System is ideal for riders who rely on others to help train their horses. Hylofit will log the workout and provide a valuable overview of the training sessions so riders can understand how their horse is being worked while they are away.
— TRISTAN TUCKER - Founder, TRT Method
Hylofit gives me objective insights into my own riding and helps me be a more effective trainer for my students. With Hylofit I know when and how to adjust my horse’s workout to maximize my training and fully prepare for competition.
— ASHLEY HOLZER - 4-Time Olympian & Medalist
Hylofit is such an important product. Knowing the horse’s heart rate can really help us get our horses through a tough spot!
— DANA GLASS - Natural horsemanship Trainer/Cowboy